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      Eh! Mon Dieu! Yes, it is I who have to decide this important affair. It is an old custom established there in barbarous times. It is astonishing that, in a century so enlightened as ours, they should not have done away with a folly that gives me a journey of ten or twelve leagues every summer, through abominable cross-lanes, for I have to make two journeys for that absurdity.

      Eh! Madame, cried the Queen impatiently, spare us ceremonial in the face of nature.

      Art, even in despondency and failure, is a consolation; art successful is an intoxicating delight. Allegra was as happy a young woman as could be found in Cornwall that day, when she shut her colour-box, dismissed her little maiden, and ran down to lunch, where she found Isola more silent than usual, and made amends by her own light-hearted chatter for the morning's absorption over the easel. After lunch she ran off to the village to pay her parish visits to the sick and old, and on her way to an outlying cottage she met Mr. Colfox, who immediately turned to accompany her, a way he had, but a way to which she had never attached any significance. He was a clever, well-read man, of somewhat original temper, who had to pass most of his life among unlettered or dull people; therefore it surprised Allegra in no wise that he should like to talk to her. A bright, attractive girl of three and twenty is very unsuspicious about the feelings of a homely looking man at least a dozen years her senior.

      "How lightly she took the whole business," Captain Hulbert said to himself as he went up the hill. "Yet her voice trembled now and thenand her hand was deadly cold when first I clasped it. I think she loves me. A year,"snapping his fingers gaily at the stars"what is a year? A year of bliss if it be mostly spent with her. Besides, long engagements are apt to dwindle. I have seen such engagementsentered on solemnly like ours to-nightshrink to six months, or less. Why should one linger on the threshold of a new life, if one knows it is going to be completely happy?"

      "And your husbandhe who so fondly loves youhe knows all, and has forgiven all?"


      You think so? she said, quickly. I must give her something! She felt round her dress hurriedly; then uttered an exclamation of impatience and disappointment. I forgot! she said; these stupid dresses never have pockets. Give me some money; quick!


      Frederick William was very anxious that little Fritz should be trained to warlike tastes and habits; that, like himself, he should scorn all effeminacy; that, wearing homespun clothes, eating frugal food, despising all pursuits of pleasure and all literary tastes, he should be every inch a soldier. But, to the bitter disappointment of the father, the child manifested no taste for soldiering. He was gentle, affectionate, fond of books and music,4 and with an almost feminine love clung to his sister. The29 stern old king was not only disappointed, but angered. These were qualities which he deemed unmanly, and which he thoroughly despised."Without my husband? Please don't say any more about it, Lord Lostwithiel. I had much rather stay at home."