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      How will you know when the yacht is due? Larry asked.

      "Who?"Yet, in the midst of her little triumph, Felipa fell ill, failing without apparent cause, and then the uneasiness that had only slept in Landor for eighteen months came awake again. He did not believe when the doctors told him that it was the lassitude of the moist, warm springtime which was making the gray circles about her eyes, the listlessness of her movements.

      The supposed Mr. Everdail scribbled a note which he handed back to Sandy, who caught his idea of dropping instructions on the deck of the yacht.That was unusual. After a trip across the Atlantic, the yacht was ordinarily laid up for awhile, giving its crew some shore liberty.

      Well be a regular Sky Patrol! exulted Sandy. And watch what goes on while you do the control joband, that waynothing can go wrong! Not with the Sky Patrol over-seeing! Dick, too, spoke overconfidently.The cook came running, six-shooter in hand, but Alchesay was driving them away and lowering the canvas flaps. Felipa told the cook that it was all right, and went on with her dressing. Although she had no gifts for guessing the moods and humors of her father's race, she understood her mother's considerably better,[Pg 93] and so she did not even call a "gracias" after Alchesay. She merely nodded amicably when she went out and found him sitting on the ground waiting for her. He returned the nod, a degree less graciously, if possible, and began to talk to her in bad Spanish, evidently putting small faith in her command of the White Mountain idiom, marvellous, to be sure, in a White-eye squaw, for such were of even greater uselessness than the average woman, but of no account whatever in a crisis. And such he plainly considered this to be.

      It was characteristic of Felipa that she forgot him altogether and reread the letter, her breath coming in audible gasps.

      The parson expressed pityand felt it, which is more.

      They complimented him with no trace of envy.


      This-here is a fix that is a fix, morosely Jeff summed up the situation. Here we are with a pocketful of emeraldsand no gas and no way to get to anyand if anybody knows the gems are in this gumwed be helpless if they wanted to take them.


      Bigger than ever! agreed Larry.


      Naturally they did. Each nodded."Give me the keysall the keys."