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      "That'll be all right," he said urbanely. "Of course I understand your feelings are more important to you than your cow. We'll do our best to meet you. What do you value them at, eh?"

      The duskiness of the twilight hour was lightened by the broad beams of an autumn moon; and as the moonlight, streaming full upon the thatch, revealed distinctly the little cot that held his treasure, all the high thoughts of freedom and independence, all the wandering speculative dreamings that come and go in the heart of man, gave place, for a season, to one engrossing feeling. Margaret was not this evening, as she was wont to be, sitting outside the cottage door awaiting his approach. The door was partly openedhe enteredand beheld a man kneeling before her, and holding one of her hands within his own!

      Oh, that, she said. Dear Julia; I hope we shall be great friends again, when I come back from Brighton. I shall be very glad to, I am sure.

      I shall be here till half-past one, if you want to ask me anything, he said, and shut the door between her little cabin and his big cool room. This door was heavily padded at the edges, so that the clack of the typewriter hardly reached him.Never mind what Mr Silverdale would say, he said. Tell me what it is that you understand. Now, quick, what is it you understand?

      "Samwho fell in," said Sir Robert, as he saw Byles hesitate to proceed farther. "You are right, yeoman, it was Sam, and you helped him outbut I desire you to tell me, if you had succeeded in conveying the buck to Holgrave's shed, how many nobles Master Calverley was to have given you?"



      I beg you to call the boy back, and not send that note, she said. I hate to think of your doing that. It isnt the act of