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      He laughed softly."Pray let me take you to the house," said a voice close beside her, a man's voicelow and deep, and with the accents of refinement.

      "I am glad you put in the qualifying 'almost,'" said the curate, "for I hope to taste Captain Hulbert's Schiedam."No, she said. Last week he sent up to town for a suite of pearlsit was my birthday; and I havent thanked you yet, Trafford, for my beautiful bracelet. See, I have it on. Didnt you notice it? Let me give you a kiss for it! It was a magnificent suite; they must have costoh! I cant tell how muchand I had to send them back, and make some excuse to the jewelers.

      "Tabitha!" she cried.The room was full, and very full; but Lostwithiel was not there. Isola had an instinctive consciousness that he was[Pg 62] missing in that brilliant crowd. People came buzzing round her, and she was made room for upon a raised bench opposite the gallery where a military band was playing a polka in which the brasses predominated to an ear-splitting extent.

      Its this way, he said at last. I was about three mile from Dogs Ear when I see something lying in the road. I was near lying in the road myself, for that darned mare of mine shied as if she had seen the ghost of a hay-stack. I got down, and ther was a woman lying full length, with her face turned up as if she was asleep. She was as dead as a herring. Underneath her shawl, and lyin as snug as could be, was this here young un.

      How blind men are! Do you think that, with all her innocence, she is ignorant of the worth of a dukedom? No girl out of her teens can be. But I beg your pardon; I would not dispel the delusion.


      You must let me help you down, he said.


      [Pg 182]