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      My amazement was genuine. "For our sick soldiers!" I sighed.

      I pointed to the door he had softly closed behind him: "How is it in there?"

      Time's noblest offspring is the last.""So called."

      "Smith," said the Colonel, and then smoked and smiled again till my brow beaded,--"tired?"

      "Have you heard anything fresh?" enquired Gregg, pleasantly.


      Gregg passed the hat and wig to Allingham, and whispered something. The other looked at the inside of the hat. There was a small label in the centre, with the following matter printed upon it:Alice fixed her faint eyes on her father.


      The dark eyes grew more caressing. A more vain man would have been flattered. To be the husband of Countess Lalage meant much, to be master of all this wealth and splendour meant more. But the quiet elation in Bruce's tones was not for the Countess, if she only knew it.[Pg 78]


      Allingham frowned. His intuitions, nowadays, were few and far between.